What is Corporate Identification Number?

What is Corporate Identification Number?

Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is a one of a kind recognizable proof no. of 21 digits. This number is allocated by the Registrar of the Company as per the capacity of various states in Ministry of Corporate undertakings, Govt. Of India. Each organization ought to have exceptional CIN No. at whatever point a correspondence or information shapes submitted to MCA which especially in reviews and reports.

CIN contains points of interest, for example, affirmed name. It tracks every one of the points of interest of the organization from fuse by the Registrar (ROC) and all the exchange of the ROC. CIN code is given independent of whether the organization is a recorded organization, private constrained organization, open organization or OPC.

Changes should be possible in CIN

Change in Company's posting status.

Change in the business of the organization.

Change in organization sort from open restricted to private constrained or the other way around.

Change in State where the enrolled office of the organization is arranged.

Highlight in CIN Digits

CIN isn't a characteristic or irregular number of 21 digits. It is a code given to the organization having some fundamental data.

CIN Number is fundamentally partitioned into 6 sections with some data about the Company in each part:

To start with Digit-This speaks to the posting status of the Company might be either recorded or unlisted. On the off chance that the organization is recorded then "L" will be specified and if "U" at that point this demonstrates the organization is unlisted.

Next Five Digits-This speaks to the Industry Code relies upon the business line picked by the organization. A specific Industry is picked by in which the organization plans to work. This code is reasonable as indicated by the business through which no. is designated.

Next Two Digits – This speaks to the State Code of the State in which the enrolled office of the organization is arranged. Along these lines, this code realizes that the ROC is pertinent concerning the organization. For Example: If the organization has been enrolled in Gujarat, the Code would be "GJ".

Next Four Digits-This speaks to the time of joining of the Company. Year of consolidation of the organization can be distinguished by this no.

Next Three Digits-This speaks to the kind of the organization whether the organization is Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Government of India Company, Center, One individual Company, Company of State Government (SGC), Section 8 Company or Not revenue driven Limited.

Last Six Digits – These digits speaks to the ROC Registration Number of the organization. These are the one of a kind numbers given to each organization at the season of fuse by the ROC in which they are enrolling. The portion relies on this number.

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