GST Registration – Enrollment Procedure for Service Tax Assesses/ Taxpayers from 1st January 2017

GST Registration – Enrollment Procedure for Service Tax Assesses/ Taxpayers from 1st January 2017


GST enlistment technique is going all out and the same number of citizens enrolled under VAT has just relocated into GST. From ninth January 2017, the GST enlistment for benefit impose assessee might begin and which should be finished inside a month till 31st January 2017. There are more than 1 million assessees enlisted under administration charge law, and thus, every one of these citizens need to select themselves inside a month time. 

The fundamental point of this article is to clarify everything about the GST enlistment for benefit impose assessee. Give us a chance to examine each of the imperative parts of the enlistment method. 

1. Begin AND END DATE: 

The GST enlistment/enrollment method for existing administration charge assessee might begin from ninth January 2017 and should end following a month of 31st January 2017. 

What happens on the off chance that somebody misses the due date? 

The GST enlistment can in any case occur after the last date of 31st January 2017. In any case, one ought to select under it as quickly as time permits. 


The enlistment/enlistment is obligatory in nature for every current citizen. One ought to comprehend that it is just a movement procedure starting with one duty then onto the next and it isn't open for new enrollment. 

The enlistment is compulsory regardless of whether your turnover is under 20 lakh. 

Subsequently, in the event that you are intending to begin your business and you require enlistment, at that point you have to apply under existing laws like VAT/benefit impose according to your temperament of business. 


The GST enlistment might be done on Further, you may likewise allude the entire strategy from the accompanying article. 



For each administration impose assessee, there is a different sign in thepassword of the site through which they deal with their records by sign in into When you sign in into your record, at that point simply do some examination, and you will have the capacity to get your temporary ID and watchword for the GST enlistment. 

There might be where you require not ready to get your temporary ID and secret key. The reason might be not recording the arrival of administration impose which is expected on half yearly premise. 

In any case, in the event that you have documented the administration assessment form regardless you not ready to get the temporary ID and watchword, at that point you may need to visit the concerned division to determine the issue. 

5. Records REQUIRED: 

Toenroll you into the framework, you should be prepared with the preparatory data. Until and unless you have all the specified data, you won't have the capacity to finish the entire enlistment system. 

You should have the accompanying data accessible to you: 

Temporary ID 

Secret key 

Computerized Signature (clarified in point) 

Substantial email Address (it ought not be off proficient – Use your own email ID) 

Substantial Mobile Number 

Ledger number 

IFSC code 

Further, please likewise convey the accompanying archives which are should be transferred on the site; 

Confirmation of constitution of Business: 

On account of Partnership deed – Partnership deed (PDF or JPEG in the greatest document size of 1 MB). 

For a situation of others: Registration Certification of the business substance (PDF and JPEG design in the most extreme document size of 1 MB). 

Photo of Promoters/Partners/Karta of HUF (JPEG organize in the most extreme record size of 100 KB). 

Evidence of arrangement of approved signatory (PDF and JPEG design in a greatest size of 1 MB). 

Photo of Authorized Signatory (JPEG design in the greatest record size of 100 KB). 

The opening page of Passbook/Statement containing the accompanying data: 

Financial balance number 

Address of branch 

Address of record holder 

Scarcely any exchange subtle elements 

(PDF and JPEG design in greatest record size of 1 MB). 


To finish the procedure, one must true it with advanced marks. 

What are computerized marks? 

Computerized mark is only like programming through which one can sign electronically i.e. on the PC. Computerized marks are extremely well known now days. The advantages of DSC are as per the following; 

DSC can be utilized to sign the Income assessment form. 

DSC can be utilized amid organization enlistment process. 

DSC can be utilized to sign the solicitations electronically 

DSC is utilized to document delicate on the web 

There are numerous different uses too. 

7. ARN NUMBER: Once you present the application and sign the same with advanced mark then the ARN number will be produced. After that you may check the status, it will be changed to relocated. 



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