10 Points to learn everything about Service Tax Registration

10 Points to learn everything about Service Tax Registration

Administration impose enrollment is one of the prime strides towards beginning your business. It gives an extra edge to you in the field of seeking business. To influence you to see appropriately, we have outlined 10 focuses on benefit impose enlistment that you should know off:

Here are the 10 focuses towards the enrollment:

Administration impose is an aberrant charges required on the administrations rendered by any individual in India against a thought. Backhanded assessments implies the weight of the duty does not fall on the individual who is subject to pay.

E.g. Eatery is obligated to pay the administration charge on the administrations gave to the legislature, however it gathers the same from the clients.

On the off chance that you are into exchanging business, at that point you are not obligated for benefit charge. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are doing both i.e. giving administration and additionally the exchanging or assembling, at that point you will fall under the administration charge ambit. E.g. eatery business, development business, and so forth.

The rate of administration impose is 15% (w.e.f 1 June 2016 the rate is 15% on account on the expansion because of the expansion of 0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess).

A Service supplier is subject for benefit charge accumulation and installment and henceforth, in the event that Service Provider can't gather it from the clients, at that point he needs to pay the assessments from his pocket.

SSI exception to little scale specialist co-op causes them to keep away from the legitimate compliances of this expense. The fundamental edge restrain for benefit assess is as under:



Administration are beneath 9 lakh

No Action Required

Administrations surpass 9 lakh

Enrollment Required however not subject to Service impose

Administrations Exceeds 10 Lakh

Obligated to Service Tax

Administration impose is paid on the month to month or quarterly premise. This parameter is chosen by the type of business you take. E.g. on the off chance that you are a private constrained organization, at that point you have to pay benefit assess on the month to month premise.

Henceforth, to maintain a strategic distance from any issue in such manner, we have compressed the complexities of this provision in an exceptionally basic way:



Singular, Proprietorship, Partnership, Hindu Undivided family and LLP (Limited Liability Partnerships)

Quarterly (April to June – Q1, July to September – Q2)

One Person Company (if turnover is 50 lakh or less in past money related year) w.e.f first April,


Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Foreign Company or some other business frame like Trust, and so forth

. Month to month

One Person Company (If turnover surpasses 50 lakh)

Month to month

Due dates of administration charge relies on the type of business you take. We have compressed the table for both the people paying administration charge in quarterly or month to month premise:

Diagram for Companies with regularly scheduled installments:




sixth of May,

May to Feb,

sixth of Next Month


31st March,

Diagram for Companies with Quarterly installments:



April to June, – Q1

sixth of July

July to September, – Q2

sixth of October

October to December, – Q3

sixth of January

January to March – Q4

31st March 2016

An Exporter of Services is likewise at risk for benefit impose enlistment. When you are sending out the administrations, at that point you ought to apply for benefit charge enrollment.

Administration expense form is documented on a half yearly premise and the due dates of recording the administration assessment forms are as per the following:


Due date for ST return recording

April to September

25 October

October to March

25 April

Acknowledgment Under GST, once you are enrolled under administration assess, at that point you will naturally consider to be enlisted under GST Act, and you will conceded temporary testament of enlistment for a half year.

At that point subsequent to presenting some essential archives, you can get the last enrollment duplicate under GST.


We very prescribe you to apply for benefit charge enlistment, since it cost less with lesser compliances.

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